In order to keep your fence looking good and to help ensure that it lasts for many years into the future, it is important to carry out a little maintenance from time to time.

Getting off to a good start

There are considerable differences in the performance of different qualities of fencing, and if you want to ensure that your new fence will last for many years to come, it is important to get off to a good start. At Weald Fencing we ensure that your fencing will last for many years.

All our wooden fencing is pressure treated to very high standards to ensure that stands up to all the elements of our famous British weather. Our fencepost are specially treated and we always use Postsaver to prevent them from rotting in the ground, the point at which fence posts are the most vulnerable.

Painting Fence


Although pressure treated wood is essentially wood for all seasons and will resist rot, decay and attack by insects, it will still be affected by the weather. For instance it will expand when it gets warm and contract when it gets cold. When it absorbs moisture it also expands and contracts when it dries out. Sometimes these movements can result in the wood warping or even splitting. Another affect of weathering is on the colour of the wood. The colour of exposed wood tends to fade slowly to a silver grey.

Although your pressure treated fence will be protected from the effects of insects and decay, eventually constant exposure to wet weather can result in some of the preservatives being leached from the surface of the wood, so it is important to ensure that you protect the surface to maintain its resistance.

Wood preservatives

The effects of weathering can be prevented and reversed by applying an appropriate timber treatment to your fencing. There are a wide range of alternative timber treatments to choose from that are compatible with pressure treated wood. Not only will these restore the appearance of your fence, they will also help to extend its life. Wood preservatives don’t just sit on the surface of the fence like paint; instead they are absorbed into the wood and so replace any of the original preservatives that might have leached away, and so will ensure that your fence remains resistant to decay and insect attack. They will also make the wood waterproof so that it repels rain and moisture rather than absorbing them.

Most wood preservatives need just a single coat to colour and protect the wood. Many of them include waxes and specialist resins to further protect against water damage. There is also a large range of colours for you to choose from. While some wood preservatives need to be used on an annual basis, others will last up to three years. Most of them can be applied using a brush or a spray, but always ensure that the fence is completely dry before doing so.

Repairing damage

If you fence becomes damaged in any way, it is important to repair it as quickly as possible before the situation gets any worse. Just one broken fence post can result in a whole fence being blown down in strong winds, so don’t let that happen to you. Also you should make sure that you don’t pile up any earth against the fence, as that can encourage rot.

If you have any concerns about your fence and would like some advice on getting it repaired, then give Weald Fencing a call; we repair fences throughout Kent and Sussex.